• CNC World A 24-hour English news channel presenting an international vision with a China perspective
  • MHz Mysteries Get hooked on the world's best international mystery dramas
  • A Global Focus Blanketing New York City with diverse programming brought to you from nations across the globe.
  • MHz Worldview Fresh, relevant English-language international content for globally minded people
  • Bridging The Gap New York's connection to international news and culture, direct from the source

MHz International Mysteries


Your favorite International Mystery Dramas are on-the-air every night beginning at 9PM, only on WNYJ 2 - MHz Worldview.

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CNC World News


Get the latest breaking news from around the world with CNC WORLD -- available around the clock on WNYJ-1.

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Program Schedule


View our on air schedule for complete program times and descriptions. Please check regularly as it is subject to change often.

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We are continuing to expand our list of broadcast and cable channels across the Tri-State area. See our most current channel line-up.

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WNYJ is a not for profit organization, delivering commercial free programming 24 hours a day. WNYJ delivers commercial free programming 24 hours a day.

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